Beautiful Smiles Without Shots or Drilling!

We are pleased to offer an alternative to veneers and other cosmetic procedures. It’s called Snap-On Smile™. Let’s say for whatever reason you’re not ready for a cosmetic makeover, but you do want a nice smile at a very affordable price. Snap-On Smile might be right for you. There is no tooth preparation required, no adhesives, and no drilling or shots, either. The appliance simply fits over your teeth. It’s easily removable and can even be worn while eating. Snap-On Smile can last for years, but is affordable enough to be a temporary solution. Our patients tell us that they are impressed by the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile. We think you will be too!

We also feature Snap-It!™, designed by the same company that created Snap-On Smiles. Snap-It! allows for a smaller coverage area of just a few teeth, such as a missing tooth or gap in your smile. Give us a call today for more information on these exciting removable alternatives to porcelain veneers.