Rock Spring Dental is very excited to offer you our Whitening For Life program to new and existing patients! We want to ensure that your smile is as bright as you are, and it’s very easy to enroll.

For a one time enrollment fee of $99, you can receive complimentary teeth whitening services at every routine dental visit. With our patients, we recommended at least a semi-annual visit with us for teeth cleaning, inspection and an oral health check. Along with these visits, we will include Teeth Whitening included!

Our Dental Whitening For Life Program Includes:

  • Custom dental whitening trays (we take impressions at your first appointment).
  • Take home teeth whitening gel system.
  • Teeth whitening gel every six months at your teeth cleaning appointments.

So why wait? When you visit with us, ask to be enrolled. Our staff will help you get started. We will also show you how to use the at home system to ensure that your smile is as bright as ever!